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What’s an aerosol product, anyway?
Aerosol products are metal or plastic containers that dispense liquid in a mist or foam. Think: whipped cream, spray paint, hair spray.
How are aerosol products different from others?
To put it simply, they’re easier. Better portion control, finer atomization, and superior foaming.
Can I recycle my aerosol cans?
You sure can! Make sure they’re empty and aren’t considered hazardous. Just to be safe, check with your county’s recycling program for more info.
I heard aerosol products harm the environment. Is that true?
We get that a lot. No, they don’t! Ozone-damaging chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were removed from most aerosol products in the early ‘70s even before their use in aerosols was banned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1978.
How do I store aerosol products?
Keep them comfortable. Extreme conditions are a no go; dry areas under 120° F are your best bet.
Is it harmful to breathe them in?
If you follow the product’s directions carefully, they’re not harmful. For more clarification, each can should have instructions for proper use.
Can I refill my aerosol cans?
In general, we don’t recommend it. If you’re worried about waste, go ahead and recycle your cans—that’s easy and free.

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