+ Setting The Record Straight

Did you know aerosol products have been safe for you since the late ‘70s? If not, you aren’t alone. We’re here to set the record straight — when you choose aerosol products, you’re choosing to help the planet, too. So go on, spray it like you mean it.

+ The world
made better


Empowering Creativity

Accurate and even coverage helps make your projects look exactly like you imagined. Aerosol products can dispense liquids, foams, powders, gels, and gases, so you can do it all.


Enabling Activity

Whether you’re protecting yourself from the sun or using an asthma inhaler, aerosol products are a safe sidekick. When used according to label instructions, aerosols are A-OK


Lightening The Landfill

Because most aerosol cans are packaged in aluminum or steel, you can recycle them along with plastics and other reusable household items.

Show Off A Little

Calling all hair stylists, street artists, DIY-ers, and everyone in between—you’ve been doing it right all along and that’s something to celebrate.